Frequenly Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Current Vaccine & Town Records:

RABIES - Mandatory: We are Licensed by the State of Connecticut, and mandated by the State that each pet have a current Rabies Vaccine. Rabies is the only illness that can cross species lines and may cause death.

Bordetella/Kennel Cough as well as the Combo H3N8 and H3N2 Caine Influenza "Dog Flu" are  Mandatory:    Pets with these vaccines may still contract an upper respiratory infection as the vaccine may not guarantee against a different strain of the virus or a drop in your pets immune system. The vaccine should help lessen the severity of the virus if contracted and should be given at least 3 weeks prior to boarding. Our facility requires all pets to have Bordetella and the Caine Influenza "Dog Flu".  As always, any vaccines should be discuss with your Veterinarian.

Fecal Test:

Proof of a fecal test within the past 6 month.

Flea and Tick: 

Each pet should be treated for Flea and Tick protection by a product suggested by your Veterinarian. Beacon Ridge is not responsible for a pet that has fleas or ticks.

Town Dog License - Mandatory:

As such, the law requires that dogs under our care be licensed in accordance with Connecticut General Statute Section 22-338 dated March 02, 1987. A copy of your pet(s) annual Town Dog License must be on file in our facility. Each June, Dog licensing from your Town is renewed and proof of current license must be supplied to us for boarding of your pet(s).

For your convenience, all health records and Town License may be Faxed to our facility at 860-413-3992.

Leash Policy:

Per the State of Connecticut law and for everyones safety: Your pet MUST be securely on a leash leaving your vehicle to enter our facility, as well as leaving our facility. If you forget your leash when retrieving your pet, you are welcome to one of our leashes. If you disagree with our policy, you are welcome to board at a different facility. I thank you in advance for your corporation regarding this issue in keeping your pet, children and yourself safe.

Pet Food: 

You are welcome to bring your own pet food, dry, canned or frozen. You may bring treats as well. If you would rather use our dry pet food at no additional cost, we feed Pedigree dry. Treats are given to every pet when we tuck them into bed.

Pet Dishes:

Please do NOT bring your pets dishes from home. We use stainless steel feed dishes and water buckets. These items are run through our dishwasher to sterilize them after each use.


We have a toy box filled with toys. You may select a toy from here.  Our toys are run through the Dishwasher or Washing machine.


All 5’ X 5’ sleeping quarters have an off the floor hammock type bed. We also have microfiber & fleece blankets along with rugs, quilts and moving pads.  Please do NOT bring your Pets blanket, bed or toys.

Outside Runs:

10’ X 5’ Concrete runs for all pets as well as their own large pea stone play area.