We are people who love Pets!

We love our animal companions, as our family.

galleryRich and Mickey have been life members of the Town of East Granby. The Pet Resort is situated on the family farm, dating back to the 1940’s. The property is part mountain, stream, pastures and woods.

Tammy, our eldest daughter holds an MBA in Business Finance. Stacey, our youngest holds an Associates Degree in Business Finance. Both were East Granby Police Explorers. Both represented the State of Connecticut (and the Town of East Granby) for several years at the BIG E in West Spring Field MA, showing their dogs, Taylor, Ty and Sparky as well as their horses, George and Copper.

For several years, Rich and Mickey were 4-H leaders of the Dog and Horse program for Hartford County 4-H, as well as introducing the youth members to photography, gardening , community services and record keeping. Rich has been a member of the East Granby Volunteer Fire Department since 1993. After 18 years of service Rich has retired as a member of the East Granby Volunteer Fire Department. Mickey has been a volunteer for pet rescue groups since 2001. Fostering over 50 pets, until they have found their forever homes.

Our roots are here in East Granby, this is where we grew up, where our daughters grew up, and a dream of almost 20 years, became a reality, when we broke ground in 2003 for our pet facility.

Beacon Ridge is named after the three Beacons at the top of the Ridge on Newgate Road. These Beacons warn of the highest point of the ridge to all air craft so as to ensure the safety of their passengers. They have also, always, represented safety and home to us as well.

What we want, is to be your pets’ next best place to stay, other than home. Where your pet can feel safe, relaxed and have fun, and you may go on your way with a warm feeling of trust, and an easy mind.

When you think safety and home, think of those three Beacons on the Ridge!

So head for the Ridge when scheduling your pets next stay!

 Beacon Ridge!


"Yesterday we were down on the Gulf and the waves were beautiful.  There was a black lab gleefully running in and out of the water chasing a ball for its owners...we were so hoping that Abby was at least a little bit happy and now we know she is. We can't begin to thank you for what you have done for Abby!!!!  Thanks for working with her to find her comfort level...words can't express our feelings.  I can't wait to get on FaceBook to see her."

Thank you, Jim and Betty Ann

"It is very apparent when you enter the reception area and meet whomever is there to greet you (human and animal alike) that Beacon Ridge is a clean, comfortable, non-institutional type place run by people who love animals.  Although we always miss Goldie when we are away, it is reassuring to know that she is in a kind and loving place." 

Thank you, Donna and Goldie